About Us

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We love dogs, they are part of our family and we strive to provide the very best care for their health and overall well-being.  Bahia and Blue were our first two dogs and in May of 2004 we were told Blue had Degenerative Myelopathy, an autoimmune disease that attacks the nervous systems of its patients (similar to MS in humans).  Prognosis — she may not be able to walk within six months. In addition to the medicine our vet prescribed, we started preparing homemade food and giving her vitamins recommended by the University of Florida’s study on the disease. It made sense.  Eat healthy foods and vitamins to slow down the progression.  After all, it’s been proven to help humans fight disease and stay healthy — why wouldn’t it work for dogs?  It did.  Blue walked for four years longer than our vet had anticipated — living to 14 years old (82 in people years!).

We believe that diet, along with regular activity, play a signifcant role in the health of our pets.  We struggled with the choices of treats available and spending money on empty calories so we decided to make our own.  Our treats are made with all natural, 100% human grade food and packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals (naturally not artificially).  No added preservatives, by-products, salt or coloring.  We chose our ingredients for their health providing benefits.