Key Features Of Handheld Drone Detection & Positioning System You May Not Know

Are you aware of the incredible advancements in drone detection and positioning technology? Prepare to be amazed as we uncover the lesser-known key features of the Handheld Drone Detection & Positioning System.

Beyond its ability to identify drones, this portable system offers an array of remarkable features that elevate security to new heights. From real-time tracking capabilities to pinpoint accuracy in positioning, this cutting-edge system ensures comprehensive coverage, enabling swift response and mitigation of potential threats.

Join us as we delve into the hidden capabilities and lesser-known facets of the handheld drone detection and positioning system, shedding light on its indispensable role in safeguarding our skies.

7 Incredible Key Features Of Handheld Drone Detection & Positioning System

Sleek Design and Structural Integrity

The Handheld Drone Detection & Positioning System is designed with a neat and polished appearance. Its mechanical structure is free from rust, mildew, and obvious damage, ensuring a reliable and professional device. The switches, buttons, and knobs operate smoothly, and the power safety device is conveniently located for easy inspection and replacement.

Comprehensive Drone Detection

This system can detect multiple drone models, including popular brands like DJI, Daotong, Xiaomi, Dahua, and more. It ensures a wide coverage of drone detection, providing comprehensive security against various drone threats.

Extensive Frequency Range and Detection Range

The Handheld Drone Detection & Positioning System operates within a frequency range of 25MHz to 6000MHz, allowing it to detect a wide range of drone signals. It offers a robust detection range of 2km to 3km, ensuring ample coverage for effective drone detection and monitoring.

Accurate Positioning Function

Equipped with a positioning function, this system displays essential information about detected drones, such as the working frequency band, brand number, electronic fingerprint ID, bearing, distance, latitude and longitude, and flight altitude. It also offers visual identification icons and displays flight tracks on an electronic map, enabling precise positioning of drones.

Multi-Target Positioning

The Handheld Drone Detection & Positioning System excels in its ability to simultaneously detect and locate multiple UAV targets. With its multi-target positioning capabilities, it ensures efficient detection and tracking of up to 11 drones simultaneously.

Trajectory Tracking

This system features trajectory tracking functions that display the flight trajectory of each identified drone. Additionally, it tracks the movement trajectory of the remote controller (pilot), presenting this information in different colors for ease of analysis and understanding.

Convenient Power Supply and Consumption

Powered by a built-in lithium battery, the system offers convenience and flexibility. It can be easily charged using a mobile power supply (power bank) or a standard power adapter connected to the mains, ensuring uninterrupted operation in various environments.


The handheld drone detection and positioning System encompasses a range of key features that are often overlooked but play a crucial role in maximizing security against drone threats. A well-designed system ensures a professional appearance while maintaining structural integrity. The ability to detect multiple drone models, precise positioning, and multi-target capabilities is paramount in effectively combating potential intrusions.

Moreover, its reliable power supply options and extensive frequency and detection range guarantee uninterrupted surveillance. The precision and accuracy of these underappreciated features greatly contribute to the system’s effectiveness in maintaining airspace control and ensuring public safety.



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