How To Ensure That A Closure Wig Looks Natural

Whether you are suffering from thinning hair or hair loss, or just searching for a protective hairstyle, as a lady, I bet you are familiar with a closure wig. Closure wigs are fast becoming a hot commodity in the global market because of the numerous perks they offer their wearers. Closure wigs are pieces of hair made of silk or lace and attached to human hair. Conventionally, closure wigs are finishing pieces that enclose a wig, quick weave, or sew-in weave. The following are hacks on how to make your closure wig appear more natural.

Hacks on how to go about making a closure wig appear natural

1. Use a skin-colored concealer

Insert a slender makeup brush into the makeup jar, thus resulting in the collection of a minimal proportion of concealer on the brush’s tip. Gently apply the skin-colored concealer to the white lining of the lace. Cleanse the makeup brush using a paper towel and insert a clear brush into makeup slightly darker than your skin pigmentation.

2. Conceal all your natural hair

To obtain a more realistic outlook, ensure that you conceal all your natural hair before installing the closure wig. The feat, as mentioned earlier, implements the use of cornrow braids. Although, when potential wearers have short hair, they can quickly force their hair down against their dome. Hair stylists always urge their clients to make a smooth surface by ensuring that their hair presses up against their domes so that applying the closure wig results in a more realistic outlook.

3. Cut off the extra lace.

Chopping off the extra bit of lace before you don the entire wig also adds to making the frontal lace closure appearing more realistic. Trim the extra lace fabric using cloth scissors, resulting in roughly a 1.2-inch lace strip remnant.

4. Select a lace pigment that matches your skin tone

Make sure you buy a HD lace closure because it is not easily detectable and conforms to your scalp’s structure, thus bestowing you with a more realistic outlook. Alternatively, women can opt to dye their wigs conveniently at home using fabric dye. Be careful not to dye the lace too dark or too light, but ascertain that the dye closely resembles your skin tone. You can insert a piece of cloth inside a dye container and apply the dye on every bit of the observable lace. The abovementioned portion includes the section around the hairline and the hair part.

5. Select the appropriate lace frontal closure or lace closure

Choose the ideal quality lace closure with a texture and color similar to your real hair. Be sure to split the hair on the closure wig to obtain that natural look. Kindly note that a partition closer to the side of the closure wig makes the hair appear more natural.


Overall, it is possible to make a closure wig appear more realistic, as outlined in the above points. The main perk affiliated with closure wigs is that they offer a scalp-like outlook once placed upon one’s scalp or skin. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, the wigs facilitate easy and flat application, thus giving the installation a realistic look.



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