How Can You Remove Fuel Lines From Chevy Fuel Pump?

The fuel pump you see on any vehicle is responsible for pulling gasoline from the tank. It then sends it to the vehicle’s engine. At times, the chevy fuel pump may stop working because of any issue. Under such circumstances, the only option you get is to replace the pump. Or else, the vehicle may not run again.

Every manufacturer has his/her own way of attaching the fuel lines to the pump. So, if you observe with the naked eye, you may not know which line to pull off. Manufacturers do that intentionally to ensure that no one copies their design. So, it requires you to take a look at the design first. Only then, you’ll have the option of opening the lines.

Here are some of the steps that will let you know how you can do it with ease.

· Step 1

Start looking at the top part of the chevy fuel pump. See if there is any connection between the pump & the lines of the fuel pump. Also, see where the hose clamp is around that connection. If you find that, don’t waste time to go to step 2. But if you find a strange clip, jump to step 3 instead of step 2.

· Step 2

Use a flat-head screwdriver for removing the hose clamp you just saw there. This will ultimately result in the separation of the fuel line & chevy fuel pump.

· Step 3

Start looking for a “pinch point” on that strange looking clip. The reason is that the designs of these connections nowadays are more stylish and up to the mark. Some of them have tabs on the outside while others have them on the inside. There are holes as well which will let you access those tabs.

You can either pinch those tabs or use a screwdriver in order to get rid of the fuel lines. This is an easy but time-consuming way of getting the job done.

How much does it cost to replace a chevy fuel pump?

The best way to replace a chevy fuel pump is to ask a professional to do it. And if we include the cost of labor as well as the parts, it’ll cost you around $500. This will vary based on the kind of vehicle you have and the year you bought it in. Newer vehicles require you to spend more money.

But you can replace the chevy fuel pump yourself as well. It doesn’t take long to install a new pump. So, the best way is to buy the pump for just $200 and install it yourself. The tools you need for this purpose are also cheap. So, even if you have enough amount to pay to a mechanic, don’t waste it if you can do it yourself. The only thing that matters is your experience since you can’t start experiments on your newly bought vehicle. So, even if you’ve all the luxuries available, you must not let your time and money go in vain.



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