Exploring Different Types of Hair Extensions and Their Benefits

Tape-in extensions are tiny hair wefts that are secured to the head by sandwiching double-sided tapes between individual hair strands. A professional generally employs them.


When worn against the scalp, these extensions seamlessly merge with the original hair. The tape-in extensions can be worn for six to eight weeks if properly cared for. Since tape-in extensions can be reused, you are getting value for your money, which might be a benefit over time.

Sew-In (Weave) Hair Extensions

Another important and very famous hair extension with a rising trend is the Sew-in hair extension. This type of extension uses a special technique in which the natural hairs are joined in the shape of braids and then sew-in hair wets are joined with these braids of natural hairs. This process is usually done with a needle to make braids.


Sew-in extensions are very safe and can easily last for several months if properly cared for. These offer a great increase in volume and length which is ideal for those with thick hair type. They can be applied once and do not need much styling every day.

Fusion (Bonded) Hair Extensions

Fusion extension among several types of hair extensions is applied by joining the natural hair with other hair strands through the use of a bonding agent, which is a Keratin protein.


Fusion extensions blend with your hair, allowing them to swing in a natural manner and it is hard to tell they are there. They can be made to match your natural hair color and texture to ensure that nobody notices that you are wearing them. Fusion extensions can last for 3-6 months depending on the treatment given to them.

Micro-Link Hair Extensions

What Are They? Micro link extensions, microbeads, or micro loop extensions are hair extension technique that entails joining small wefts of hair to your natural hair using small metal beads or loops.


This method does not involve heat or glue, which means less likely to cause damage to your natural hair. The beads can be adjusted to fit the hair length since it grows and this is a plus for the hair extension. Similar to tape-ins, micro-link extensions are reusable, especially if they were installed using premium-quality products.


Currently, the market is being bombarded with modern types of hair extensions and they are getting better and better every day. Choosing the suitable hair extensions for your nature, hair type, and skin is a sensitive and important decision. Depending on whether you need a momentary fix or a long-term solution, each style is helpful in its own right. Consulting with a stylist is highly recommended as they can guide the best styles for your natural hair type while taking your desired look into account.



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